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People often say to me “I didn’t know you did THAT?” But if it involves researching, organizing, designing, and coordinating special moments in life, I’m your girl! 

Since my services are wide and varied, it’s impossible to post a standard pricing chart. I’d love to talk to you about your needs and your budget and then figure out a plan that works for you. Some might be $20 and some $5,000. So let’s talk!

To help you get an idea of the very small to the very large range of my services, below is a brief sampling. And if you want to see the LONG list, check out that post HERE

Below is a sampling of photos from various events and contracts. You can also see a full list of our event posts HERE.

  • Coordinated and directed a destination wedding with multiple venues, hotel arrangements, family events, etc. 
  • Designed birthday party invitations for a child’s birthday party.
  • Created a skincare regimen for a mother-of-the-bride in prep for the wedding. 
  • Created a personalized walking tour with details, fees, etc. for a family vacation. 
  • Developed a Christmas Open House plan for client to implement (including schedule, menus, lists, web links and games).
  • Organized and coordinated a themed reception for a professional conference for 2,000 people.
  • Created an event plan for the groom and bride of a small wedding. 
  • Planned a spa weekend for a Girls Getaway with skincare gift baskets.
  • Coordinated a day-long retreat in a home including catering, entertainment, and printed materials.
  • Provided consultation on etiquette rules and other protocols for a large wedding. 
  • Designed and created floral centerpieces for a fundraising dinner for 400 people.
  • Coordinated the design, decorations, and games for a 70’s themed bridal shower.
  • Designed an anniversary game for the host to print.

If you have questions, email ginger@celebrationsdivine.com.