Disney Tips

I recently spoke at a conference at Walt Disney World. Yes, it was for work. Yes, they have professional conferences at Walt Disney World. And believe it or not, we worked! Hard!

But once the conference was over, a friend joined me for the weekend and we managed to go to every park, see everything we wanted to see, and stay sane in the process. At the end of our time there, we were shocked at how well we had done navigating all of it. We had both been to Disney before, but not enough times that either of us felt like experts. And, of course, it was just 2 adults (okay, we acted like kids a good bit, but still) so we didn’t have the added fun of managing it all with kids. 

As we took Lyft to the airport on Sunday evening, we talked about how well we had done and reviewed choices we had made that worked out well. We mainly wanted to talk through it so that we’d remember it for next time. And so we could give some good advice if we were ever asked. 

I know there are TONS of websites about Disney with tips, tricks, schedules, advice, etc. I would never attempt to do all of that. I know there are LOTS of things that we did not do and a lot of great things happened coincidentally and not because of anything we did (i.e. a random, out-of-the-blue, FastPass opening for Avatar!) 

I’m just putting this here so that if you ever find yourself making Disney plans, I’m happy to offer advice and give you some info that I thought was helpful. I also know the lay of the land pretty well now. And if you’re planning a trip there with your kids and just need another pair of adult(ish) hands to help out, I’d be more than happy to join you and your family at the happiest place on earth! 


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