7 Things Moms and Daughters Need To Do

Southern Living put out a great list of 7 Things Every Mom and Daughter Should Do Together At Least Once. If your mom is still living and close, maybe you should plan one of these for Mother’s Day (May 9). 

I’m thankful that even though my Mom wasn’t on earth as long as she should have been, I was able to do almost all of these with her. 

  1. Go On A Road Trip – We did a lot of these as a family, but we also did a few of these just the two of us. I have some great memories from those trips, including some amazing long talks on a 24 hour Amtrak ride and on another trip being forced to an underpass by a very large tornado. 
  2. Try Something New – We did a lot of new things together but the first one that came to mind was doing an Aerobics program in our basement in the 70’s. We had a large book with the instructions and a cassette tape. HA! We had such a blast. To this day, I hear one of the songs on that tape and I’m transported immediately back to that basement with Mom. 
  3. Volunteer Together – We also did a lot of this, but the one that popped into my mind was a canned food drive we planned and organized together for church. I even recently found a newspaper article on us!
  4. Run (or Walk) a Race – I don’t think we ever did this together. But I’ve walked/run quite a few races in her memory since. The perseverance and grace that she lived out her last year of life always spurs me on to any finish line. 
  5. Make an Old Family Recipe – Oh, my! Now THIS we did! A LOT! I’m extra thankful that Mom added  bunch of those family recipes to a cookbook she wrote and compiled. What a treasure that is today! 
  6. Read the Same Book at the Same Time – I’m not sure if we ever intentionally did this. I’m sure we read a lot of the same books, but I would have loved to read something together and talked through it. I feel sure we would’ve done that if we had more years together into my adulthood. 
  7. Build Something – Nothing immediately comes to mind here, but we created a lot of things together. We made a lot of centerpieces for events together, we made a lot of wreaths for front doors, I helped her decoupage a lot of purses, and we painted a lot of rooms together! All memories that make me smile!

Of course there are TONS more things to do together, but I understand why these are some of the top choices on Southern Living’s list. Building great memories that will last a lifetime. 

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