A Sweet Little Gift Idea

I often look for a sweet treat to mail from Amazon as a gift. And not something with just decent packaging, but packaging worthy of a gift for someone special. This is that!! These Chuao chocolates are delicious with special gourmet flavors (churro, s’mores, spicy maya, honeycomb, firecracker, sprinkles, salted caramel and potato chip). This box has 8 mini bars and is perfect to mail to a friend, to keep for a hostess gift, or to take to someone in the hospital. 
I also noticed recently they have a new holiday sampler with 15 mini bars with added flavors like gingerbread and peppermint. Yum! To be clear, these are not regular sized candy bars. They are all minis. Which I think is even cuter! 😊 Another option is the holiday LOVE gift set.
And as a reminder when mailing chocolate, I’m always mindful of the weather and climate where it’s being shipped in case it sits on someone’s porch for a few hours. No one likes melted chocolate! Unless it’s over ice cream. Or between a graham cracker around the campfire. Or in a fondue pot with delicious dippers. Who am I kidding??!? Everyone loves melted chocolate! Just not in an Amazon box leaking on your front porch.
So if you need an easy, attractive, and delicious gift, or let’s be honest, if you need to test these yourself first, you definitely deserve to do that!
**Note: some of these sold out and/or have limited quantity since I sent this info out to my G-Pals first. If you’re not on that list, get on it HERE.

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