Be Aware All Year! (Not Just October)

🎀 I haven’t posted much for Breast Cancer Awareness month because I post about it all year long (as it should be!) in memory of Mom💕.

But in case you haven’t heard it yet this month: Women, don’t forget to do a self-exam and if you’re the appropriate age, go get your mammogram!!! I’m serious. Don’t wait! And men, you don’t get off easy…you NEED to remind the stubborn women in your life!! 💝🌸 

Do you know someone going through breast cancer right now? Through treatments? Surgery? Take a minute out of your day to reach out and spread some love and encouragement. You won’t regret it. 

#ihatecancer #beaware #thinkpink #inmemoryofmom #bigolehairandglasses #itwasthe80s!


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