Better Than a Toaster or Blender

Have any weddings this summer? I’ve rounded up some creative bridal shower and wedding gift options for you. 

If the couple has everything already or you want to gift something a bit different, why not give them an experience?

  • Tickets to an Event – a concert venue, museum exhibit, etc.
  • Honeymoon Gift Card – find out where they are going and find something fun to gift them for their trip
  • Class or Workshop Gift Card – there are so many fun classes these days like cooking, pottery, woodworking, etc.
  • Couple Spa Day – some couples would love a day to relax and rest after all the wedding planning!
  • House Cleaning Gift Card – who wouldn’t love to have their house cleaned after a busy week or in prep for a special holiday?
  • Airbnb Gift Card – perfect for a weekend getaway

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