Call Your Mom, If You Can

Here it is again, y’all. My annual reminder to hug your mom and tell her you love her and appreciate all the sacrifices she made for you. 22 years today without mine, and I’d give anything to do that today! So if yours is still here, please reach out to her today for me. And if yours is also gone, reach out to someone else who means the world to you. Life is hard. Show someone you care. 💕

**This photo – We were in Gulf Shores at my grandparent’s playing putt-putt. Mom saw this rhino and decided it was a great photo opp, and as was typical with most anything she encountered in life, she sang about it. Of course she knew a song about rhinos!! 😃 (Mind you, this is WAY before any digital cameras, camera phones, or social media so this was not an Instagram moment. This was just MOM living in joy, enjoying moments together, being funny, singing a song, making us laugh, and me joining right in without any problem!)**

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