Candles with Southern Nostalgia

If you don’t know about Southern Elegance Candle Company, you should! Whether you’re from the south or you have fond memories of visiting the south, D’Shawn’s candle scents will take you back and make you feel homesick for sweet by-gone days in the south.

As she often says “I was just a southern girl growing up with my grandmom on a dirt road running around barefoot with lightning bugs then attending church all day and settling in to eat a satisfying meal made with love.” Her southern themed home fragrance products will quietly transport you back to similar memories!

Scents like New Orleans Magnolia Blossom, The Bayou Sea Salt and Succulents, Charleston Sweet Tea, Carolina Pine Cones, or Southern Nights Sandalwood and Gooseberry. Those words are taking you back already, aren’t they?

They make great gifts, there are also some amazing seasonal scents, and you can choose from candles, sprays and travel tins. They also often have sampler sets. So check them out!



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