Chocolate Chip Cookie Poll

I often take polls here to get your help on various items for events.  Here’s one about chocolate chip cookies. I’ve had this conversation with family, friends, and groups for years now. Here’s your chance to ring in! 

So tell me about your favorite chocolate chip cookie!

  • Soft, crispy, chewy?
  • Chocolate chunks or chocolate chips?
  • Semi-sweet chocolate or milk chocolate?
  • Favorite packaged cookie? (like Tom’s Mom, Mrs. Fields, Chips Ahoy Chewy, etc.)
  • Favorite bakery cookie (like Panera, Jimmy John’s, Dunkin Donuts, etc.)

Thanks for your help!

3 comments on “Chocolate Chip Cookie Poll

  1. Chewy with milk chocolate chips or chunks (or both!). M&Ms are always a welcome addition!

  2. I do not like any grocery store chocolate chip cookies. My favorite all time Chocolate Chip cookies is, “Tom’s Mom’s”, cookies. It has chocolate chip chunks and I LOVE them.

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