Do You Need a Break? (The answer is yes!)

I recently pulled away from “life” to take a walk and sit next to a lake with a friend (thanks, friend!❤️). It did wonders for my soul, taking a break from the house, desk, and screen (photo above). I want to encourage you to do the same. Even if you aren’t overly stressed, but especially if you are, taking a pause is golden.

And yeah, these ideas might not be groundbreaking, but they’re a good reminder for when your brain’s maxed out and you’re due for some self-care.

  1. Call a friend
  2. Lay down for a nap or to just “close your eyes” like my Dad often did ☺️
  3. Journal your thoughts
  4. Listen to music
  5. Pray
  6. Do something nice for someone.
  7. Make a special cup of tea/coffee
  8. Eat a meal slowly. SLOWLY.
  9. Read the Bible or your favorite scripture
  10. Volunteer at a local non-profit
  11. Create something (whatever you enjoy)
  12. Take a drive through the country or a road you’ve never taken
  13. Color or sketch
  14. Have a picnic, whether in your backyard or in a local park
  15. Go to a coffee shop
  16. Go outside in nature
  17. Cry. Getting it out can help.
  18. Spend time playing with your kids or your pets
  19. Read a book
  20. Read or watch something that you know will make you laugh
  21. Get OFF Social Media
  22. De-clutter a small space (don’t take on too much!)
  23. Ride a bike
  24. Go to a local boutique or museum and walk around
  25. Make of list of things you’re thankful for
  26. Do something spontaneous; something completely off of your normal routine
  27. Walk your dog
  28. Watch a sappy movie
  29. Dance (like no one is watching?)
  30. Leave work early, better yet take a day off
  31. Take a cold shower. Or a hot shower. There’s benefits to both.
  32. Walk barefoot on cool grass
  33. Take 10 minutes to focus only on your breathing
  34. Learn something new . . . something you’ve always wanted to do
  35. Say no. (Listen to that still small voice to know when).
  36. Go get a special treat (cupcake, ice cream, veggie bowl, etc.)
  37. Plan an adventure, a vacation, an event, etc.
  38. Have an at-home spa day (bubble bath, incense, relaxing music, etc.)
  39. Use a meditation app like Calm or Headspace
  40. Last but not least, do nothing at all. Just sit. Do nothing. REST!

1 comment on “Do You Need a Break? (The answer is yes!)

  1. Love you, sweets and loved this day!! I’m currently sitting outside with coffee, cat and dog talking to loved ones past and looking for signs they are near. I know they always are but it helps to see reminders. I usually never take my phone but today I did and saw your email and recognized a picture. A sign? I believe so. A reminder that our living loved ones and friends are so very precious. So I’ll heed this sign, call a loved one and seize the day. Thank you!❤️

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