Don’t Forget the Essentials!

Happy Saturday!!
Yesterday’s FB group took an “Are You High Maintenance?” quiz and I got 64% high maintenance. Anyone surprised by that?
I can tell you one reason that number is lower is because I HATE taking off my makeup at night. HATE. IT. 😫Why do I hate it so much? It’s not that hard! But I also know how important it is.
We spend 5-9 hrs in bed (some 5, some 9 – real life, y’all!) and our face can either sit and ruminate in the day’s ICK or it can renew, refresh and heal. So while I know it’s IDEAL for me to go through a whole process of cleaning at night, most nights I can’t.
💃R+F MAKEUP REMOVER WIPES to the RESCUE!! They get it ALL OFF . . . lipstick, light mascara, dirt, oil, etc. They work for all skin types because they are gentle and ultra-soft!💃
Now. Here’s the truth. I KNOW that I should be following that up with a whole regimen, but most nights, I can’t. But I CAN wipe and moisturize. EASY! So I wipe and then add my overnight cream or serum (I alternate), eye cream (most nights) and lip balm and jump in bed. VOILA! (I don’t use water, wash, or toner. And honestly, some nights all I can manage is to get my makeup off!) And since I started doing that (compared to doing nothing!), the change in my skin is HUGE! So even baby steps make a world of difference!
💋Lip balm/shield…let’s talk about that! For most of my life, the last thing I do before laying down in bed at night is put on lip balm. In the past it’s often been products that don’t work or have addictive ingredients that make me apply WAY more than I need. I LOVE the Eseentials LipShield and my dry lips get moisturized while I sleep.💋
I DO follow a whole regimen every morning to prep my skin for makeup. And I do a mask every or every other weekend for DEEP cleaning.
☑️All skin is different, and this may not work for you. But people ask me what I do at night, and there it is!☑️
The wipes and lip balm are part of the ESSENTIALS line, a great super-budget-friendly line! And they both come in packs of 2!! PLUS that line also includes the Foaming Sunless Tanner which is also awesome (no more streaks!) And a great body cream. And eye make-up remover if you wear eye shadow and heavy mascara.
So TODAY the first 2 people to buy something from the Essentials line will get a FREE PACK of Makeup Remover Wipes. (There’s no membership, no commitment, no pressure…just a one-time order.)
🎅(Also, these make GREAT stocking stuffers and Christmas gift sets because they’re RED and I love a theme!)🙌

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