Fifth Sunday of Lent 2024

(Note: I expect that when you read this post you may not immediately have time to dedicate to these Lenten practices. So I encourage you to set aside a specific time during the week to read it and carefully walk through the process with intention.)
As we journey through this season, let’s take a moment to reflect on the steps we’ve taken so far. We’ve embraced the quiet moments of reflection, searched our souls to understand who we are, and humbly sought forgiveness and guidance to pave the way for change. And now itโ€™s time to embrace the change and the process. 
Be encouraged by the work Heโ€™s done within you.
Be encouraged by the work Heโ€™s doing around you.
Find joy in the work that He’s doing. Draw strength from the knowledge that He is continually shaping and molding us into vessels of His grace and love. For it is through His transformative power that we are able to experience life to the fullestโ€”an abundant and overflowing life, rich with His blessings and grace. โ€œHe came so that we can have life, and have it abundantly, a full and overflowing life.โ€ โ€“ John 10:10
Take a moment to commit to living with intention and purpose. Let’s use our gifts and talents to uplift and inspire others, and let’s strive to be like Christ in all we do, spreading kindness and love wherever we go. 
Try something new.
Practice thankfulness.
Love your neighbor.
Love your enemy.
Quit judging everyone.
Fill your day with patience.
Be kind.
Do a good deed.
Compliment someone.
Have compassion.
Be gentle.
Put down your phone and look at someoneโ€™s face.
Cherish those around you.
Say โ€œI love youโ€ more.
Pray right now that this lenten journey will bring true and meaningful change that will endure beyond this season, transforming us from the inside out and enriching our lives with God’s grace and love.

I know He has plans for me. I know Heโ€™s working everything for my good to give me a hope and a future. This song is such a good reminder!

๐ŸŽถ The Plans ๐ŸŽถ by We The Kingdom
The photos above and below capture a Prickly Pear cactus from our 3-week trip through Nevada, Utah, and Arizona, exploring various national parks. This cactus was near our campsite in Page, AZ and caught my attention every time I passed it (which was often as we walked our Foxhound, Bailey). The beauty of its flowers next to the longest and scariest spines Iโ€™ve ever seen reminded me that beauty can emerge from the most unexpected and challenging circumstances. I’m always in awe of God’s creativity, as He does the same in our lives, bringing beauty from difficult situations.
I pray these words and messages will help you prepare your heart and soul for His resurrection!! Lenten blessings to you.
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