First Sunday of Lent 2024

(Note: I expect that when you come to this post you may not immediately have time to dedicate to these Lenten practices. So I encourage you to set aside a specific time during the week to read it and carefully walk through the process with intention.)


Our theme for this first week of the Lenten season, is to SIT IN SILENCE. There’s a sacred call to introspection – a time for deliberate moments of solitude, where the cacophony of the world fades, and the gentle voice of the Divine fills our soul.

Yet, in a world saturated with noise, finding solace in silence can feel like an impossible task. The bells and whistles of technology, the bustle of our homes and offices, the chatter of our minds, and the weight of our pain echo loudly, drowning out the stillness we seek.

In all of this noise, carving out moments of quiet reflection becomes vital-moments where we intentionally pause, breathe, and simply exist in the quiet solitude. Whether it’s slipping away before dawn breaks, lingering in the twilight hours, or seeking refuge within the confines of our parked car, we must fiercely guard these pockets of solitude, at least for this week!

Step away. Embrace the silence. Close your eyes if it helps. Let the clutter of your thoughts dissolve as you surrender to the stillness of the moment. Perhaps offer a short prayer to help you focus. But remember our goal is to be quiet and listen, not talk. (That’s hard for many of us, I know.)

In the hush of the stillness, listen. Listen. Listen to the gentle nudges of the Holy Spirit, guiding your thoughts, lighting your path:

What stirs within you?
Do you feel a prompting from the Holy Spirit?
Something you should think about?
Something you need to confess?
Something important for this Lenten journey?
Where should your focus be for these 40 days as we prepare for His death and resurrection?

Jot down your thoughts and meditate on them this week. Keep them at the forefront of your mind as you take this first step. And if nothing comes to you, don’t worry. Just keep stepping away, and keep listening.

Oh Lord, even when it’s something we don’t want to hear, show us how to be still and listen to Your voice. Give us strength to hear the truth. Let us be open to Your words.


🎢  🎡  🎢   🎡  🎢  🎡 🎢  🎡  🎢
As we spend time this week thinking about our brokenness, this is a song of hope.
Hold on. He’s not done yet.
🎢Hold On🎢 by Katy Nichole
🎢  🎡  🎢   🎡  🎢  🎡 🎢  🎡  🎢
The photo above is at the end of the road in Homer, Alaska on the Gulf of Alaska. It was a perfect place to sit in silence and listen to the Creator of the universe. Teach me, and I will be silent; make me understand how I have gone astray. – Job 6:24
I pray these words and messages will help you prepare your heart and soul for His resurrection!! Lenten blessings to you.
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