First Week of Advent 2022

We finished the first week of Advent with some thought-provoking words; I hope you didn’t miss any of them. If you would like to receive these daily in your inbox, sign up here. If you missed details about Advent Word of the Day, this post will help.

Below are the words from this last week, along with meditations, quotes, scriptures or prayers that reached my heart when I was researching each word. I also always include a photo that I’ve taken on trips or in my daily life.


Sunday – WALK
“With the arrival of Advent, Christians everywhere turn their WALK towards the Savior. Advent marks the beginning of the celebration of His birth and His long-foretold ministry, atonement, death, resurrection and second coming. If Advent is an occasion when I re-turn my eyes to the Savior, then it is also an invitation to consider where my eyes—and my heart—have been in the meantime. Advent is the gentle nudge that invites me to remember that the truth most worth knowing is that Jesus Christ is the only way Home. It is also a gentle reminder that I ought to keep my eyes upon Him all year long.”
-Jean-Michel Hansen


“With it’s transition from darkness into increasing light, Advent symbolically shows me my journey from the weaknesses I acquire because I live in a fallen world, to the enabling grace offered to me in Christ’s life, ministry, atonement, crucifixion, and resurrection. His ministry to me is individual, tailored to my specific needs. He saves me by changing me, transforming me, and making me into something I am not now. He can convert me—if I will let Him—into a fit traveler, able to walk the covenant path that leads through the temple and back to my Heavenly Father. Jesus willingly walks with me, TOGETHER, inviting me to take on His yoke (which is easy) and to exchange my burden for His (which is light). Advent reminds me to invite the Light of the World to illuminate my life. O come, o come, Emmanuel!”
-Jean-Michel Hansen


Tuesday – TEACH
“This Advent we look to the Wise Men to TEACH us where to focus our attention. We set our sights on things above, where God is. We draw closer to Jesus. When our Advent journey ends, and we reach the place where Jesus resides in Bethlehem, may we, like the Wise Men, fall on our knees and adore him as our true and only King.”
-Mark Zimmermann


Wednesday – MOUNTAINS
“How beautiful upon the MOUNTAINS are the feet of those who bring the happy news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Israel reigns. The watchmen shout and sing with joy, for right before their eyes they see the Lord God bring his people home again. Let the ruins of Jerusalem break into joyous song, for the Lord has comforted his people; he has redeemed Jerusalem.”
-Isaiah 52:7-9


Thursday – MAKE
“When that void in our heart aches to be filled, it’s the star of comfort that MAKES it whole. When bitter sorrow robs the spirit of Christmas, it’s the star of His genuine love that whispers joy. When a health diagnosis shakes our world, it’s the star of reassurance that shines the certainty of new tomorrows. It’s the same star that never loses the brilliance of hope, incomprehensible Hope. One we can only embrace when all strands of life burn out. This is the perfect and hopeful message of Christmas. He is the Morning Star sent to dispel our darkness, dry our tears, and give everlasting joy.”
-Janet Perez Eckles


Friday – READY
“The season of Advent means there is something on the horizon the likes of which we have never seen before.
So stay.
Sit. Linger. Tarry. Ponder. Wait. Behold. Wonder.
There will be time enough for running. For rushing. For worrying. For pushing.
For now, stay. Wait.
Get READY. Something is on the horizon.”
–Jan Richardson


Saturday – UNITY
“Weary from his journey, Jesus does not hesitate to ask the Samaritan woman for something to drink. His thirst, however, is much more than physical: it is also a thirst for encounter, a desire to enter into dialogue with that woman and to invite her to make a journey of interior conversion. Jesus is patient, respectful of the person before him, and gradually reveals himself to her. His example encourages us to seek a serene encounter with others. To understand one another, and to grow in charity and truth, we need to pause, to accept and listen to one another. In this way, we already begin toc experience unity. Unity grows along the way; it never stands still. UNITY happens when we walk together.”
-Pope Francis

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