A Dreamy Holiday Gift Set

Y’all. It is NOT too early to think about some amazing holiday gifts or stocking stuffers, and R+F has a Holiday Limited Edition Gift Set with brand new products, fun holiday colors, and an amazing price. Would you think about those special people in your life who would love this? You could get these ordered, cross your list off, and feel so great about getting a headstart!
The 3 new products are a foot cream, hand cream, and body oil – all created and tested by dermatologists. You can order them as a fun set, mix and match to order exactly what you want, or order them individually. 
  • Ultra-Rich Moisturizing Foot Cream – smooths and nourishes dry, cracked, rough feet while providing long-term hydration.
  • Volumizing Hand Cream – reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your hands while rejuvenating and hydrating.
  • Shimmer Body Oil – a silky body oil that seals in moisture while giving your skin a shimmery glow, perfect for holiday parties!
They’re discounted now, with more savings if you’re a PC. Plus you can buy three products of your choice for over 15% off or any six products at 30% off. And it’s a limited time, until they run out, so this is your chance! 
[Reminder: If you have any skincare questions or need any products for yourself or as gifts, I can help! Just email ginger@celebrationsdivine.com.]

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