Holy Saturday 2024

Grief. Despair. Anguish. Heartbreak. Quiet. Silence.
Jesus is silent.
God is silent.
Saturday is silent.
Jesusโ€™ body was tenderly anointed and placed in the tomb. The stone covered the guarded tomb. And itโ€™s quiet. All is still. 
Just imagine if you were there.
What would you be thinking?
Do you feel abandoned?
Are you disappointed?
Are you impatient with the silence?
Are you worried that His promises arenโ€™t true?
Are you wondering why God isnโ€™t doing anything?
Jesus was patient. Jesus knew that He had not been left alone:
The Lord will not abandon me in the grave.
He will not allow the body of His Holy Son,
His faithful servant, to decay. โ€“ Acts 2:27
He entrusted Himself to the Father. He clung to His promises. He believed that God knew best. And God wonโ€™t leave you either. He will not abandon you even when all is silent.  He has not stopped loving you even when all is quiet. Saturdays have their purpose.
Friends, wait patiently for the the Lordโ€™s return,
like a farmer who waits until the autumn for his precious harvest to ripen.
Yes, be patient like that. Stay steady and strong.
And take courage, for the coming of the Lord is near. โ€“ James 5:7
Love so amazing, so divine. Demands my soul, my life, my all. 
The photo above is one I took from a boat on the Pacific Ocean along the California coastline. The stillness of the glassy water was mesmerizing. That’s how I feel about Holy Saturday. All is quiet. All is still. But Sunday is coming! 
I pray these words and messages will help you prepare your heart and soul for this Holy Week and His resurrection!! Lenten blessings to you.

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