Less Ice Cream Mess – Hooray!

You know I love parties. But I also like being able to do as much AHEAD OF TIME as possible! I like to be prepared. And organized. 

That’s why I love this idea for a summer party. 

Summer is a GREAT time for ice cream at parties. But how many of you have found yourself standing in the kitchen scooping ice cream for hours and hours and hours? It’s messy, time-consuming, and no fun if it’s your party!

So here’s an idea . . . why don’t you scoop that ice cream ahead of time??? I love this idea from Colin Cowie of scooping ice cream into mason jars beforehand and then pulling them out at dessert at party time! And if you don’t want to invest in mason jars, get some of these fun bowls with lids. Or look at ALL the colors these come in; you’ll just need to buy the lids separate so you can put them in the freezer ahead of time. Then add a bunch of toppings and you’ve got an easy and fun party treat! 

And if you’re all about SUPER EASY, just buy the individual-sized ice cream cups and use them. Less prep, less mess, and less stress! Huzzah!


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