Monday Resolutions

I’m a big fan of Monday Resolutions.

Instead of making New Year’s Resolutions that often fall short and then you feel like you have to wait ANOTHER year to start over, doing Monday Resolutions instead often works better and is more effective.

It’s pretty simple . . . just make a resolution each Monday! If you fall off or mess up, it’s okay because you can make another one or try again the following week.

I mean, really, it’s just living life. We just live life, figure out what didn’t work, and try again! Right?

It does help, though, if you’re intentional about it. And if you don’t go into it thinking “Oh, I can mess up, it’ll be okay”. That’s not really the healthy way to do it. 

But I think of it like baby steps. This week I’ll try this and next week I’ll try that. I’ll see how it goes, adjust if I need to, and keep going. 

Plus I do it for EVERYTHING. Diet, skincare, exercise, journaling, quiet time, organizing, work, etc. 

Here’s an example:
There was a time when I wasn’t very good at a skincare routine before bed. I was busy and tired and just didn’t think giving it time really mattered because I’d just wash it in the shower the next morning. Of course, we all know that a lot happens to your skin overnight and that is not the best practice.

So at some point I made it my Monday Resolution. I resolved to just wash my face every night for a week. That’s it. Just get the gunk off! And on a night when I was just over it all, I thought, “just a few more nights and I will have made it the whole week!”. And I did. Then the next Monday, I resolved to wash my face AND moisturize. And that took me a few “Monday Resolutions” to manage, but I did it. 

From there, I just added on things like a special treatment twice a week, lip care, etc. And before I knew it, it was a habit! 

And there are lots of examples like that. Something I needed or wanted to do, but needed to make it a habit. And Monday Resolutions helped me make the habit. 

Try it and let me know how it goes! And if you could use some encouragement, let me know what you’re doing, and I’ll be your cheerleader!

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