My Bag is on Sale!

Four years ago I bought this Travelon Wheeled Underseat Carry-On in purple (excuse me, eggplant😊) and it has been a super bag!

I am always so hesitant to buy online any sort of suitcase or major bag without touching it. I want to be able to feel how sturdy it is, how it rolls, if the handle is long enough, etc. But a super fab price came along like this one, and four years ago I knew I would be traveling a WHOLE LOT MORE. So I went for it. And I can highly recommend it to you. 

At the time I bought it, it actually wasn’t sold at Amazon so I bought it at eBags on a 50% off sale for $60. Right now it’s $155 at eBags. But Amazon has a similar one in lots of colors. So if you need a great wheeled bag, go check this one out. 

Here’s why I love it:

  • It’s small, but not too small. This probably isn’t a bag you’re gonna pack in for a weekend trip. (Well, I know a few people who could use it for a weekend, but that would be someone who packs way lighter than I do!). You probably could pack in it overnight (and believe it or not, I have) but that’s one change of clothes and minimal toiletries. The photo gives you an idea of the size.
  • It has wheels. For those flights when I have to change planes and/or hang out in an airport for a while, I sure do like not having to carry something on my shoulder for hours. 
  • It fits under the airplane seat. Sometimes I just don’t want to swing a big bag into the top bin and sometimes I just want my stuff right by me, so having it fit under the seat is great. 
  • It has a water bottle pocket. That’s not a priority for me on lots of bags, but for ones I use on the airplane, it is! I always make sure to get a bottle of water before I board in case I need to take some meds, in case the flight is turbulent and they never come around with drinks, etc.
  • It has a strap on the back to attach to my suitcase. I can slide it on top and have one hand free!
  • It also comes with a tote that also has a strap to slide on top of the bag. If you put those two together, you can definitely use this for a short trip!
  • It has lots of pockets and one main compartment for my laptop, tech stuff, makeup and a change of clothes (just in case my luggage is lost!) 
  • The handle is a good length, the wheels roll well, and the micro-fiber fabric makes it easy to clean. 

If you are someone who would use this every day with lots of wear and tear or someone who travels several times a month, this bag may not last as long. It’s not super-expensive, high-quality materials, etc. But if you need a decent priced bag to use for travel, this is well worth your money!

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