My Portfolio – the LONG list!

If you want the short list of my portfolio, you can see that HERE. But this is the fuller, longer list! 

As you can see, the services I provide are wide and varied so it’s impossible to post a standard pricing chart. I’d love to talk to you about your needs and your budget and then figure out a plan that works for you. Some might be $20 and some $5,000.  So let’s talk!

I’ve also posted photo albums from various events I’ve coordinated HERE.

  • Designed a birthday party invitation for child’s birthday party.
  • Researched a list of ideas for a particular anniversary trip. 
  • Planned an entire anniversary trip for six to Bora Bora from travel plans to vow renewal ceremony. 
  • Created the event plan and directed a wedding rehearsal. 
  • Organized and coordinated a themed reception for a professional conference for 2,000 people.
  • Put together gift baskets for a family reunion.
  • Created an event plan for a small wedding that the groom and bride carried out. 
  • Planned a spa weekend for a Girls Getaway with skincare gift baskets.
  • Designed printed materials (signs, table numbers, etc.) for an anniversary party. 
  • Created a list of web links and best prices for bridal shower decorations for the host to purchased and put together herself.
  • Contacted and organized all the vendors for a wedding reception.
  • Coordinated a day-long retreat in a home including catering, printed materials, and entertainment.
  • Designed a family Christmas card that the client then had printed and mailed.
  • Researched restaurant options and private rooms for a graduation party. 
  • Coordinated from start to finish a backyard wedding for 100 people
  • Designed and created floral centerpieces for a fundraising dinner for 400 people.
  • Planned a menu with recipes and shopping list for a holiday party that the client then carried out. 
  • Mapped out a personalized walking tour with details, fees, etc. for a family vacation. 
  • Coordinated a girls cruise vacation. 
  • Designed a printable template for holiday gift baskets.
  • Planned all the details for a tea party for 20 little girls.
  • Coordinated a destination wedding at the beach.
  • Created a list of ideas and locations for a wife planning a surprise party for her husband.
  • Organized a patio business luncheon for 25 people.
  • Helped a groom research and plan a honeymoon.
  • Planned and served as contact for a block of hotel rooms for a wedding. 
  • Created a list of gift ideas for a gift baskets for a reunion. 
  • Designed a wedding shower game that the host printed.
  • Planned and set up decorations and favors for a baby shower.
  • Organized venue, musicians and program for a fundraising concert for 250 people.
  • Made a list of centerpiece ideas for a holiday party.
  • Purchased items, delivered to venue, and set up a dessert and candy table.
  • Coordinated a Christmas Open House with plans, menus, lists, web links and games that the client then carried out. 
  • Designed and set up an “around the world” banquet for a church group. 
  • Helped find and purchase nice artificial floral arrangements and corsages to make the wedding day easier for the bride.
  • Created centerpieces for multiple parties, weddings and dinners.
  • Researched, purchased and put together promotional packets and favors for a professional conference. 
  • Coordinated the design, decorations, and games for a 70’s themed bridal shower.
  • Created favors for a baby shower.
  • Worked with a committee to organize and manage a fundraising dinner for 500 people. 
  • Provided etiquette rules and suggestions for a wedding. 
  • Created 3 birthday party plans for a client to pick her favorite. 
  • Coordinated and directed a destination wedding with multiple locations, hotel arrangements, family events, etc. 
  • Planned and sold a skincare regimen to a mother-of-the-bride in prep for the wedding. 

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