My Rodanniversary

Hey, y’all! This next week is a SPECIAL week!

🌷It’s my One-Year Rodanniversary!🌷

(So there’s gonna be a lot more skincare posts for a few days!)

One year ago this week, I jumped into R+F with both feet. I’ve gotten discounted products, extra money to pay bills, and some spending money for a few extra treats/needs. And it’s been GREAT!🀩

Y’all know I love to celebrate, so I’m gonna celebrate this next week and I’ve got EXTRA GIFTS for y’all too! I hope if you’ve been putting off buying something, you’ll see something special you’d like to try and jump in with me. And if you’ve been thinking about joining my team and becoming a consultant (even if it’s just for the discounts!), I hope you’ll jump in with me!

So check back here all week to make sure you get in on the deals.

✨✨✨The first DEAL…a FREE Recharge Regimen for the next person who places an $80 or more order. THAT’s HUGE savings ($134!)✨✨✨

Some of you have talked about really wanting a soapy cleanser, instead of the mask-like cleasnsers. The RECHARGE is FOR YOU! It balances, boosts and defends visibly dull, blotchy, dehydrated skin caused by daily stressors to reveal your healthiest-looking complexion.

Let me know if you’re interested and once this deal has been claimed, I’ll post it here!

πŸ‘›See you tomorrow for more deals!πŸ‘›

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