My RODAN-niversary

Ten years ago I started using a different skincare line, and I count it incredibly providential! Back then I had no idea what lay ahead medically for me and my skin and that Rodan + Fields would be the thing that would get me through some crazy skin stuff:

  • My body for whatever reason decided that certain foods were not for me. And most of these allergies showed up on my skin!
  • Iโ€™ve had shingles TWICE in this timeframe, each time with the blisters presenting themselves on my face and neck.
  • My nerve disease has worsened and as if the intense pain isnโ€™t enough, it can cause skin issues along the trigeminal nerves.

If you have skin issues and canโ€™t find anything to help, if you recently realized your skin will be with you for life so youโ€™d like to take better care of it, or if you just have questions about skin, Iโ€™m always happy to talk!

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