My Skincare Story

I never thought I’d be doing something like this. I’m not a salesperson, I’ve never sold products, and certainly have never liked the idea of trying to sell to family and friends. But hear me out.

Rodan + Fields is a skincare line founded by dermatologists Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, who also created their famous preventative acne product Proactive in 1995. Thankfully I never had to use that, but I know so many who did.

Again, if you’ve heard of R+F, you probably know about it’s pricey and may be writing me off as you read this.

But I thought the same thing 10 years ago. I thought there’s no way this stuff works and there’s absolutely no way I can afford it.

However, the skin that I had been blessed with all my life had reached this crazy place of break-outs, rashes, blemishes, dark spots, and redness. For those who have known me a while, know that I have always been very particular about what I put on my very sensitive face. That was my mom’s influence! So the fact that my skin was rebelling against me after all these years was quite frustrating.

I started researching and trying inexpensive or moderately priced over-the-counter products with nothing helping. I realized that at some point, with the number of “cheap” items I was buying at the drugstore and the short amount of time it took for them to run out, I could have afforded something maybe a little more expensive that might work better.

So 10 years ago I took some birthday money and invested in some R+F. And, as they say, the rest is history.

Yes, it was more expensive, but the amount I spent on one jar for 6 months was equal to the amount I spent on 3 jars from the drugstore for 6 months. I was careful to use it sparingly, as directed, and was happy to see the results and how long it lasted. So basically in the long run, you may be paying the same amount, you’re just paying it all at once.

Plus, R+F truly is competitively priced with other high end products. So if you’re strolling through the store or thinking of splurging on something else, talk to me first!

I’ll admit that R+F does have some much pricier items that would be a splurge, but they also have some very basic items that work so well and have really changed my 50+ menopausal skin! And buying an entire regimen does save you a lot of money in the long run.

Here’s the kicker. And I’m just gonna say, probably a providential thing. Years ago, my consultant, Stevi, had been asking for at least a year if I wanted to become a consultant because I seemed to really like the product and it would be a great source of additional income. And who doesn’t need additional income! I immediately said, “No Way!” for all the reasons above. She asked a couple of times, and I always had the same excuses.

But I had some thoughts that I kept to myself – – I did love the line. It worked very well. It was effective and protected my skin. But one thing I have always used regularly is make-up remover wipes and R+F didn’t have those. The other skincare product that is vital to me is a good foundation with SPF. But I knew R+F was a skincare line and not a makeup line.

But this is what I said to myself: If R+F ever starts making make-up remover wipes AND foundation with SPF, then I’ll do it!

I said “AND”. One of them, sure. But both would NEVER happen.

And can you guess what R+F launched at their convention that NEXT summer? Yup! BOTH of those products. I am not kidding you! When I saw that announcement go out, I was floored!

And that’s when I decided to become a consultant. I love the products. They are clean, healthy, and safe. And they’ve worked well for me. I even changed regimens when I had shingles and it was SO helpful for my scarred face! I also adjust products often since I’m allergic to so many foods and often have breakouts.

I do not keep an inventory. All orders are placed online with me listed as your consultant, and everything is shipped directly to you. If you become a Preferred Customer, you pay a one-time fee and you get 10% off everything, free shipping and special discounts. PLUS…everything has a 60-day money-back guarantee!

So I’ll post some great stuff HERE. Ask any questions you’d like. And if you ever become interested or know someone who is, all I ask is that you contact me! References are HUGE!! 

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