National Animal Cracker Day

National Animal Cracker Day (Sunday, April 18) deserves a post from me. I have ALWAYS loved animal crackers and cookies. I like to think I remember the first ones I had in the nursery at church, but I could be making that up! But they do remind me of the church nursery, Vacation Bible School, and road trips. And I love them to this day!

Did you know?

  • Stauffer’s Biscuit Company was the first to produce animal crackers . . . in 1871.
  • There are so many brands out now, but the original Barnum Animal Crackers by Nabisco are a cookie/cracker hybrid and remain the most popular.
  • Currently Stauffer’s are more cracker-like and Keebler’s are more cookie-like. 
  • Nabisco bakes 300,000 animal cookies in a single shift, and each box contains exactly 22 cookies.
  • A box of Animal Crackers sold for 5 cents in 1902.
  • The Barnum Animal Cracker box had the string because it was originally meant to be a Christmas tree ornament? (And here I thought it was so I’d have a little purse to carry around!)
  • The Barnum box has had 37 different animals, and these days there about 15 different animals. The latest animal addition, a Koala, was chosen by popular vote.
  • Stauffer currently has an iced cracker and Mother’s and Keebler have those famous pink and white sprinkled cookies.

Have you ever thought about making your own? Sally’s Baking Addiction has a great recipe for those who are so inclined! (I think I’ll stick to buying them.)

These Circus Animal Cheesecake Bars by We are not Martha look amazing and perfect for this national holiday!

Check out this Animal Cracker Tasting Platter by Remaking June Cleaver for a party or a fun day with kids. 

Buzzfeed has 17 Sweet Treats You Can Make with Animal Cookies. Go ahead and send me the Circus Cookie Rice Krispie Treat.

Look at this cute Jungle Party Treat Bags by Designed by Idka on Etsy.

Taste of Home shares 10 Creative Uses for Animal Crackers.

I also have this amazing animal cracker keychain and it makes me smile (and hungry!) It’s from StudioDIY but it’s no longer available. 





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