Not Just For Babies!

I often get comments about the washcloths I use on my face. They’re baby washcloths, and they’re my best friend when it comes to washing my face. 

It’s not new information that the skin on our faces is very fragile and deserves to be treated well. And sometimes normal washcloths can be very rough. Plus your eyes and lips have particularly fine, fragile skin, and they need specific care and deserve special attention.

A baby washcloth is designed for sensitive “baby” skin. So they are PERFECT for our faces. I use them with this cleansing mask from R+F and it works so well. 

Plus they are super cheap and come in multiple packs which means if they get stained with makeup, mascara, or acne treatment medication, they’re easy to wash and then throw away once they are worn out. 

Amazon has 24 for $8.99! And I usually try to buy a pack like THIS that has some darker colors and patterns so that when I travel with them, they don’t get mixed in with the white towels in hotel rooms.

So if you have sensitive skin or just find that your regular face wash routine is too rough on your face, try it! I think you’ll like it, and you’ll be surprised at how well your face responds to a little extra TLC!


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