So this past week was my R+F Payday!👛 Hooray! And most of you know my story enough to know for our bank account, it might be just a little extra, but for us it’s HUGE. Seriously. A life-saver. And that’s why I’m SO thankful for many of you who are customers.

I don’t stock inventory, I don’t host parties, I don’t deliver orders. (I’ve got a full-time job plus a few other side hustles, I don’t have time for any of that! 🙅🏻)

But I like to talk to fabulous women. So I have conversations with people about proven results, money-back guaranteed skincare, and help them get their best skin.

And every personality test I’ve ever taken brings up some form of HELPER. I like to help. I want to help people if they are having skin problems or aren’t happy with their current skincare results. So for me – R+F is a WIN-WIN. 

And it’s not hard because I believe in it and have had personal success with the products. Y’all know me, there’s no way I could do this if I didn’t believe in it. I’m a terrible liar!

For some people, they just want the extra (fabulous!) discount that comes with becoming a consultant.💲 For others, it means extra money to pay a bill or two. 🙋🏻‍♀️  For some, it pays for daycare or private school. Or a monthly manicure or massage. Or a house remodel. Or even student loans.

For others, it’s having something for themselves outside of wife/mom and to get back to earning their own money. Others want to build an escape route from their current career that’s no longer serving their vision for their life. And some people like all the incentives, prizes, trips and cars! 🎁

So if any of that rings true with you, I’d love to talk! ☎️

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