Photo Booth Backdrop

I know a lot of people struggle with doing a photo booth in their home because it often means they have to rearrange a lot of their home and/or wall decorations so that there’s a big enough space for a backdrop.

And I agree. There’s already so much to do when you’re planning a party, you don’t want the added work of rearranging furniture, taking things down off the wall, etc. However, I know photo booths are super fun and can create some great photos of special occasions. 

So this is a super simple way to avoid all of that. All you need are some plastic tablecloths and some thicker string/twine. 

Buy tablecloths to match your theme and fold one end back and forth like a fan. Then use a larger needle and string to thread through the folds. Continue with each tablecloth until they are all strung and then hang them on a wall with all your regular decorations hidden behind. You can use a nail to secure each end or tie it on a beam, corner, or other secure household fixture. 

And if you need a really long backdrop, just add more tablecloths. And remember, you want to frame your photo within the backdrop so don’t worry if you can see the wall at the top or the bottom, just be sure to crop your photos correctly! (Ginger’s pet peeve #4,301.) šŸ˜Š

**Photo by LikeASaturday*

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