Taking Care of Wedding Guests

I don’t always coordinate the entire wedding for a bride and groom. Sometimes there is just one aspect of the wedding that they can’t do, that seems overwhelming, or that maybe doesn’t interest them because it’s not the “fun part” of a wedding. 

I was once hired to coordinate and organize the out-of-town guests for a wedding. This was a large 600-guest wedding in Chinatown in Chicago.

My responsibilities included:

  • researching hotels
  • finding 3 hotels at 3 price points so guests could choose their style and price
  • blocking the rooms
  • acting as the point of contact for the hotels
  • communicating the information to out-of-town guests
  • creating maps from the various hotels to the church to the dinner reception
  • arranging for gift baskets in the room when guests checked-in

So if you need any help with any aspect of an event, big or small, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Providing for your guests can often be difficult and time-consuming. You’re only one person. You can’t do it all and stay sane! So let me help!

[If you need help with an event, just email ginger@celebrationsdivine.com.]

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