Taking Notes in the Shower or Tub

I already shared my favorite bubble bath, but something else I was asked about recently that I thought I would share. I was telling someone about how my best thinking is when I’m in the bath tub. I’ve heard that from people before and never really understood it until the last few years. Now, I don’t think best when I’m showering, but I know some of you do. When I’m relaxing in a bath, my brain is really able to focus and think.

But here’s the dilemma ā€“ by the time I dried off and reached my desk, those brilliant ideas had a habit of slipping away. Frustrating, right? That’s when Google led me to Aqua Notes – a waterproof notepad with pencil. I mean, c’mon! I was so skeptical, but so many great reviews made me try it. I’m telling you . . . it has changed the game for me! It works so well.

I’ve gotten the pad and pencil completely wet. Dripping wet. And they still work like a charm. And because I’m thrifty and not wasteful, I don’t tear off a page until I’ve filled up front and back of one page. I’ll mark it off once I’ve tackled the ideas, but I’ll keep it until I’ve used every inch of space. And I intentionally write a bit smaller than I normally would.

So if you’re a tub thinker or shower strategist, I recommend Aqua Notes!


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