The King Cake is in the Mail!

Yesterday was Three Kings Day, otherwise known as Epiphany. And that means many people are enjoying their first King Cake of the season. I’ve introduced King Cake to many people in many cities where you can’t find King Cake. So if you’re missing King Cake, want to try King Cake, or planning your own Mardi Gras Party, here are some ideas for getting King Cake delivered, no matter where you live!

Cook’s Illustrated conducted a tasting of mail-order King Cakes, and included a good bit of information and history about King Cakes. So if it’s new to you, check that info out HERE. (They’re #1 pick is not my #1 pick, but everyone can have their own opinion!)šŸ˜„

Most places begin making and selling King Cake’s in early January through Mardi Gras (February 13 this year). But place your order early so you’ll be sure to get one!

(Be sure to read all the details because some King Cakes are mailed with icing and sugar that you decorate on your own. Others arrive already decorated.)

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