Time to Tweeze?

Have you ever wondered about the best steps for your face when you need to tweeze and pluck? Here are some good tips to make the process better and keep your face clean and healthy.

  • Be sure to use sharp, slanted tweezers; a pointed tweezer is more apt to damage your skin.
  • The perfect time to tweeze is after a warm shower when your pores are more open and relaxed due to the heat. This will make the hairs much easier to remove.
  • Be sure to cleanse your face completely before tweezing. Hair follicles will remain open after you tweeze and will be susceptible to infection so be sure your skin is free of all make-up. (Any of the R+F Cleansers work for this, my preferred on this day is the Redefine cleanser.)
  • After you cleanse, gently exfoliate around your brows to remove dead skin cells so you get the easiest tweeze. (R+F Micro-Dermabrasion Paste is SO good!)
  • It is important to stretch the skin first and pull gently so that whole hair is removed and not just the tip. If you don’t get the entire hair, it may become ingrown.
  • Be sure to disinfect your tweezers before putting them away. I like to use THESE individual alcohol pads to wipe down my tweezers. I regularly throw a few in my make-up bag.
  • Be sure to moisturize your face when you’re finished. If you have sensitive skin, the Soothe Replenishing Cream really calms the skin if it’s red from all the tweezing.
  • If possible, avoid applying make-up for a little while after tweezing as your pores will be open and more susceptible to infection.
  • For that same reason, don’t workout after tweezing. Give your skin time to rest and heal.

There ya go! Hope that helps 

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