Travel Lighter…or at least a little lighter!

Y’all probably know I travel a lot, and I love it. But y’all also probably know that I often get teased about the weight of my luggage!

Seriously. I try. I really do try. But even with all my organizing and downsizing, my luggage STILL weighs a lot. I don’t get it. I make everything as tiny as I can get it. And that includes my toiletries and skincare products. 

So here’s a little hack that might help you. The regular bottles, tubs, and containers of cleansers, moisturizers, toners, etc. just takes up too much space, especially if it’s a 2-3 day trip. So here’s what I do. 

You can buy these tiny little containers at Hobby Lobby . . . 9 for $2.99. They’re meant for jewelry, but they work well for short trips. If you look for specific toiletry containers, they’re much larger and too big for a few days or a weekend trip. So these work great! (Note: they don’t work well for super “liquidy” products, but better for creams and pastes.)

So I filled these containers with my AM cream, PM cream, eye cream, etc. And to mark them, I added a sticker from a big book of stickers I had for journaling. A sun for AM, a moon for PM and eyeglasses for eye cream. PERFECT!

[Reminder: If you have any skincare questions or need any products for yourself or as gifts, I can help! Just email]

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