Using Hydrangeas in Weddings

I have a wedding soon that will include quite a few Hydrangeas. This will be my 3rd wedding to include these beautiful, but very sensitive flowers. So I’ve had to share the following information many times in the past and thought I’d just include it here for anyone who needs it or anyone just interested in knowing.

  1. The first tip is hidden in the name: the Greek “hydro” meaning water and “angeion,” meaning vessel or container. So basically this “water vessel” CRAVES water. A lot of it!
  2. Don’t plan to use hydrangeas in any way that will not have them in water. Using them on aisle decorations or laying them around tables without a water source will not work. They will quickly wilt and die, probably before the first guest ever arrives!
  3. If you are planning to use them in bouquets, be very careful to choose a florist who has experience using hydrangeas. 
  4. Cut hydrangeas rarely last outside in the sun for any length of time. Even if you’ve treated them and have them in water, direct sunlight will speed up the wilting process. And you definitely can’t decorate outside early in the morning and expect them to last for an evening wedding. 
  5. Until you’re ready to use them, keep the hydrangeas in an environment with high humidity and away from any air flow or air vent. The best temperature is 35 to 38 degrees. And donโ€™t store them near fruit, vegetables or other ethylene gas producers.
  6. Hydrangea stems can get blocked by a gummy substance or by air bubbles so you may need to cut them (always at an angle) to get the moisture moving again. 
  7. And leaves that are still on the stem can steal moisture away from the flower so be sure to remove any extra leaves down in the water. 
  8. Cut blooms can be easily rehydrated if you float them in a sink filled with cold water for three to four hours. This will also help them last longer. 
  9. If you need further help, cut the stems at an angle and put the ends of each stem in boiling water for 30 seconds (make sure not to burn them!). Then dip the stems in cold water. 
  10. If they have already wilted, put them in a heatproof bowl and pour boiling water to cover about 2-3 inches. Let them steep for 2-3 hours and your blooms will come back to life!

Hydrangeas are definitely popular wedding flowers because they are so beautiful and vibrant. But be sure you know the risks and take precautions so that they will last until the final dance of the night!

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