Wedding Hashtag Alert

Southern Living published recently that the wedding hashtag trend is fading. How do you feel about that? 

Since I’m somewhat of tech geek, I like the hashtags and the tracking of photos. But I agree with them that:

Thereโ€™s something pretty special about stepping away from your phone and social media on your loved onesโ€™ wedding days and just enjoying the moment.

I also feel pretty strongly about posting photos of the bride and groom and taking that privilege away from them. It’s their story to tell, and I feel like they should be able to control which photos are the first ones to go out to the world. (A good wedding coordinator recommends they make those arrangements beforehand with the official photographer.)

I don’t mind guests posting photos of decorations, friends, venues, etc. And for those a wedding hashtag works well. But I think the first public look at the bride should be reserved for the couple’s discretion. And if the bride and groom don’t care about that, then they should note that somewhere in their program. (And a good wedding coordinator will tell them that.) ๐Ÿ˜€


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