I know some of you won’t understand since Whataburger is a regional thing and not everyone has experienced this orange and white goodness! (If you don’t know already, I stand by my vote that they have the BEST chocolate milkshake on the planet.) 

But for those Whataburger fans out there, who wants a WHATAWEDDING???

You can enter a chance to get married at Whataburger on Valentine’s Day! Already married? No worries, you can also renew your vows

If this is your dream come true, you need to apply by February 2. And if you get chosen, let me know if you need a wedding planner!šŸ˜Š (Here’s hoping the reception includes chocolate milkshakes!)

1 comment on “Whatawedding!

  1. I can’t remember if I’ve ever had one. Surely I have? There is one just up the road so I will have to try one this weekend.

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