Who Loves Storage?

I know something about storage! I also know something about organizing! Those are the facts.

I’ve had many kinds of storage containers and tubs in my life and, as you probably already know, some can be very disappointing. They’re too big. They’re not big enough. Their lids don’t fit. Their lids come off too easy. They collapse. They’re an odd shape so longer/taller items don’t fit.

But I’ve found a trunk recently that I love and thought I’d share the word. It’s reasonably priced, the lid securely fastens, it’s sturdy, it’s longer so tall items fit well, it’s small enough that it doesn’t become too heavy, but it also has wheels to roll around the basement or garage. I have 3 of them and see more in my future.

It’s the Medium Plano Trunk with Wheels on Amazon. Mine are in black, but they also have green if you’re looking to designate Christmas storage. They also have other sizes, but I’ve never tried them because the medium is perfect, in my opinion. I’m happy to answer any other questions you have about it!

**Note: this is not an ad, just a favorite of mine.** 


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