Who Wants More?

August 10 is National S’mores Day

Here are a few ideas to celebrate this yummy favorite! And be sure to bookmark this for your next camping trip, bonfire or fire pit on the patio!

S’Mores Nachos
Have you ever had S’Mores Nachos? Stop now and go make them!

Easy S’Mores Dip
This is an easy way to contain the mess! Make this dip and just hand out graham crackers for dipping!

S’Mores Grilled Cheese
Yes. You heard that correctly. Grill up some S’Mores Sandwiches

Double Chocolate S’Mores Brownies
Again, keep the mess contained without missing the perfect S’mores flavors! Try this S’Mores Brownie recipe

S’Mores Bites
These S’Mores Bites are so cute AND easy! The kids can even help!

Crockpot S’Mores
I know I’m not the only one out there who loves my crockpot! Check out this recipe for a S’Mores Cake in your crockpot. 

Creative Cookies
Have you tried using chocolate covered cookies so you can skip a step? Check out this recipe using chocolate digestive biscuits, but you could also you fudge grahams or other chocolate covered cookies. 

Make some chocolate cupcakes and melt marshmallows on the top for icing. 

No-Bake S’Mores Bars
Mix all those delicious ingredients into these S’Mores Bars.

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