Event Testimonials and Recommendations

Of everyone we worked with, only two people delivered what they said they would, and then, went so far beyond our expectations that we were humbled by how well they took care of us. Ginger was one of those people! She worked so hard and did such an amazing job and turned skeptical people (“do you REALLY need a wedding coordinator?!”) into avid believers! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! ~~ Erin, New York City

Ginger has a fun, loving, enthusiastic attitude which makes her clients feel at ease. She is great with details and you can rest assured that every “I” will be dotted and every “T” crossed! Her events are well planned and thought out. She sincerely listens to her clients, gaining a good understanding of their desires. I would recommend with great confidence Celebrations Divine with Ginger Eppinette! ~~ Kirsten, Colorado

As you might imagine an event planner to be, Ginger is organized, detail-oriented, resourceful, and reliable. But what sets her apart is her thoughtfulness and creativity, which enable her to incorporate elements into each event that highlight the host’s or guest of honor’s personality. This is what makes Ginger’s celebrations truly divine! ~~ Kelly, Atlanta

Ginger did an INCREDIBLE job when she planned our family reunion of about 45 people. Every detail was meticulously taken care of from the hotel reservations and gifts in each condo to the restaurant recommendations and even the perfect place to have all of the family photos taken. She is incredibly gracious, welcoming, and excels in taking an overwhelming task and making it run smoothly!! Thank you so much, Ginger!! ~~ Becky, Louisiana

All of Ginger’s events are amazing. Her ideas are unique, and her invitations are fun, creative, and classy –depending on the event. She does a lot of work pulling all the pieces together for the best quality and value of things. She even provides entertainment for certain occasions! ~~ Carrie, Iowa

Everyone loved the wedding shower! The mood was set from the time the invitations were sent. We were all very happy with the outcome. You did an excellent job. I really appreciate your talent and graciousness. ~~ Jodee, Chicago

I want to send my congratulations for a beautiful event last week! Thank you for all your diligent work to prepare a lovely fundraiser. God bless you! ~~ Alicia, Illinois

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